Tuesday, August 4, 2015

NEW! David Clark Direct To Radio Headsets and Wireless Headsets for Fire Departments

Tired of that bulky, cumbersome radio cord that gets in the way? Want more than the 25 ft range?

Your prayers have been answered – get rid of that umbilical cord with David Clark’s hands-free, wireless headset! With a far-ranging 300 feet of distance, you’ll enjoy lighter, more versatile communications to your fire engine rig’s system. No more plugging and unplugging cords, no more cords at all.

Plus, David Clark now has direct-to-radio headsets. How’d you like a headset that will protect your hearing while you’ve got a chain saw in your hands, and still let you talk to your fire team with your radio? Improve your personal safety and team efficiency with this new headset that plugs directly in to your portable radio.

David Clark Company Wireless Headset Communication Systems provide maximum freedom and mobility as well as clear communication for fire apparatus and emergency vehicles. Crew members move about freely and easily without being tethered to apparatus or equipment. Communication is clear and safety is dramatically improved. Wireless systems are compatible for use with existing David Clark Company wired intercom systems and with most HF, VHF and UHF radios.

Find out how these David Clark headsets can make your Fire Department’s job easier, safer, and more effective, contact MMC today:

Phone 650-367-1992
Fax 650-367-1995
Toll-Free 800-383-2929

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